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How to Vent

Posted by [email protected] on November 10, 2014 at 7:30 AM

This is a FREE service. All e-mail sent to [email protected] will be kept between you, I and God

When was the last time you truly had anybody listen to you?

When was the last time you expressed your deepest thoughts and feelings without concern the other party might be offended, hurt, or judgmental?

I will listen to anything you wish to share. I will not judge, comment on, or condemn, anything you tell me which you list as "VENTING". Everything you write will be confidential. I am here to listen and allow you to vent/rant/unload without you having to fear being ridiculed, belittled, or chastised.


Send me a message with one of the 4 titles listed below in the subject line and I will reply accordingly


1. Need to Vent?

This is if you just want to get something off your chest with NO opion. You will get a reply that your message was read

2. Need somebody to understand how you feel?

This is if you want a reply of how we feel about what you wrote.


3. Need answers to questions?

This is if you want us to try and help you with the situation.


4.Need Prayers?

This is if you want me to pray for you or something else (As a minister, I do this best)

There is never a cost, or judgement, and everything is private.

As a minister I am a thankful, submitted servant of God who enjoys praying for everything, and everybody.
One of my goals is to be a giving and humble servant before God, and this is one of the ways I do that.

You can write as little or as much as you wish. You can write as often as you wish. The only limits are the ones you set.


NOTE: I am NOT a Doctor, nor a Counselor. I am a Christian Minister, my manual, is the Bible.

I look forward to hearing from you,

God bless



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Reply zoe
8:57 AM on June 5, 2016 
I want to vent about the evil destruction (most) MEN cause in this world
men rape. Men kill. men rob. men are pedophiles. Men are poor thieving leaders of this world. Men are the cause of the moral destruction of the world. men rape their own children!! men kill women. worse of all. MEN allow Men to hurt us!! what can you possible say about this???
Reply Pastor Jay Randolph
4:25 PM on February 2, 2017 
Yes, there is a lot of evil in the world caused by Men & Women, with the exception of places where Men control women, but in those places they have a lot more evil. Even some of those who say they are Christians, do evil. We are all to do our best, and pray for better.